New Laser Coming!

Great news! We got a new, industrial quality laser coming in the next week or two. We'll be able to cut individual pieces up to 813 x 508mm AND we're getting a rotary attachment so we'll be able to engrave items such as glasses, pens and any other cylindrical object you can think of!

We're also going to be massively expanding our range of engraving materials. On top of our currently available wood and clear acrylic, we'll be adding leather, coloured opaque, coloured transparent, satin, frosted, metallic, and high gloss acrylic, anodised aluminium, paper and glass.

We'll also be expanding our wood range with a number of solid woods (oak, alder, maple, cherry and walnut), semi gloss veneered woods (maple, birch, bamboo, cherry, walnut and cedar), and plywoods (eucalypt, bamboo, hoop pine, European beech, European poplar and Fijian cedar).