Word Smart Interlinking Letters - Writing Set

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Teachers put in a lot of time and effort in helping their students but sometimes they are limited by the tools they have available. Often, they are hard to find, expensive, low quality or just not suitable for the ages they teach.

That's when we came up with the idea for the WordSmart Interlinking Letters sets. Using the Queensland Beginners Font and laser engraved and cut from PMMA acrylic, they're tough, scratch resistant, water washable, child safe, and very long lasting.

Initial tests with students in classrooms have shown that kids love playing with these sets and even students who usually have trouble engaging with normal lessons enjoy the challenge of manipulating the tiles to make and sound out words.

These sets appeal to the visual and kinesthetic learners as kids are able to pick up, touch and physically arrange letters into words. The interlinking tabs make it easy for them to line up correctly and words can be easily split up and recombined into new words so they can see how adding and removing letters can change the meaning or sound of a word.

The engraved letters in the official font taught in Queensland schools adds an extra dimension to learning. The font is etched into the acrylic so children can run their fingers along the groove of the letters tracing them out and helping them develop the muscle coordination required for writing.

This set includes one of each lowercase letter. This set is designed for older children who are learning to write. It includes full height head-body, body, and body-tail letters to demonstrate the correct aspect of each letter. Please see the Word Smart Early Childhood Set in our store for single height letters that simplify the process of learning the alphabet for younger children.

Recommended for ages 3 and above. Tiles are 5cm x 5cm not including the tab.