This gallery showcases some of our work across various materials and industries. Let us help you make your idea reality.


Landscape. Design by OBUQ.

Showcasing both our ability to work with third-party designs and extremely fine cuts, this multi-plane landscape is made from 3mm pine plywood and is ready for painting or lighting.

Spiral Staircase Front

Spiral Staircase. Design by OBUQ.

This staircase is made from 3mm pine plywood. Showing the accuracy of the cuts, the only glue in this piece is on the top and bottom of the column. Everything else is held in place by the tight-fitting tabs.

Spiral Staircase Top

Spiral Staircase, top view

Childrens Alphabet Uppercase

Childrens Alphabet - Uppercase

The first in our new 'Education' line, these alphabet shapes are made from strong 6mm MDF and are 45-50mm tall. They are based on the Queensland Beginners Font and are suitable for use in classrooms or at home. Can be easily painted. Recommended for ages 3 and up. Available in our store.

Childrens Alphabet Lowercase

Childrens Alphabet - Lowercase

Childrens Numerals

Childrens Alphabet - Numerals


Caboose. Design by Epilog Laser.

The caboose is made from 3mm MDF and showcases both cutting and engraving to provide detail without requiring paint.

Caboose Rear

Caboose Rear. Design by Epilog Laser.


Leather Engraving.

The power and speed of our laser chars the top of the leather without imparting any heat to the material so we can cut and engrave even fine suede without shrinkage and with complexity and accuracy not available in other cutting methods.

Steel guitar pick

This steel guitar pick has been customised with our metal marking compound. It gives great results even on metals that haven't been polished. It will work on metals that are not uniformly flat and because the laser never contacts the metal we can process any shape without needing clamps or tooling.