Custom Artwork Including Business Cards

All of our products can be customised with your own brand, logo, motto, name or anything else you'd like to add. In most cases, basic text and small black and white logos will not attract an artwork charge. For more complex artwork, including graphic design, an artwork charge is added to cover the time required to convert your art to the format we require.

Please use our contact form for your customisation request.

To reduce or eliminate the artwork charge, you can submit your own vector art. Here are our format requirements:
  • Vector fonts must be converted to curves.
  • Any vector graphic format (e.g. Adobe Illustrator, CorelDRAW, InkScape, SVG, PDF, AutoCAD). We can work with bitmaps (i.e. jpg, gif, png) but these will usually need to be turned into vector art for the laser.
  • Colour format must be RGB. Converting from CMYK or other formats to RGB will usually incur a charge as they don't convert precisely.
  • Cutting lines should be Red (#FF0000). Everything else should be Black (RGB 000) or grey scale (we support dithered and relief engraving).
  • Vectors should be the lowest width possible (e.g. hairline in CorelDRAW).
  • You agree that you either own or hold a valid copyright license to any  images you want us to cut or engrave.