Minerals, Gems, and Crystals

Fainges MineralsFainges Minerals and Crystals

Serving the collector and craft industries, Fainges Minerals carries a wide variety of collector quality minerals and crystals, as well as a large selection of crafting material including slabs, rough and tumbled stone, and lapidary supplies.

To complete our extensive range, we also have a very wide range of metals from the mundane, such as aluminium, copper, zinc, iron, and tin, through to precious, including gold granules and bullion, silver, and platinum, to the exotic including, iridium, titanium, osmium, palladium, rhenium and more.

Through of worldwide supplier network, we have access to far more material than we can show here so if there's something rare or specific you're after, just get in contact and we'll see if we can source it for you.