Custom Pricing

Custom and Industrial Scale Projects

To make it easier to estimate your costs, we have a flexible pricing structure with three components:

  • Graphics setup
  • Materials
  • Laser processing and handling

Graphics setup

We need to get your graphics into a format the laser can read. This can be something like text that you've provided us, converting a paper business card to a wooden engraved one or compositing multiple images, right up to complex precision cuts for sign writing or machine parts.

Pricing is based on the amount of work required. A complex industrial design that is already in vector format will cost less than a composite of multiple bitmap images for example.

This process also includes optimising graphics to minimise material and laser costs.

The graphics setup charge is only applied once. Reruns of the same project will not be charged again. Minor changes for reruns such as different text will also not be charged.

Some examples:

Simple Logo with Text - Starting at $15

Business Card Conversion - Starting at $45

Composite Graphic From Supplied Images - Starting at $120



Our material pricing structure is quite simple. We charge per square centimeter based on a bounding rectangle that fits your project. You can see material costs in our Materials section. Volume discounts for multiples of a project are available.

For example, if you wanted the below shapes cut, you would be charged for the bounding area, represented by the red rectangle. As part of the graphic setup charge, we arrange your project to minimise the amount of material used.

 Laser Processing and Handling

This is the actual cutting and engraving process. It includes the use of the laser as well as the loading and unloading of material. We use a very fast industrial quality laser so this component is usually quite small except for large or complex projects.