Recycled Hardwood

The signature line from Fainges Craftworks. For a truly unique product you can't go past our range of recycled hardwood timber materials. Sourced from local timber salvagers, this wood comes from houses and buildings scheduled for demolition that would otherwise be buried or incinerated.

Since this material is cut directly from logs and planks, you get a beautiful natural gradient of colour and texture even within a single piece. Please note that due to the nature of this material, there may be small defects such as knots, nail marks or small holes. Since this wood is hand planed, there also may be minor variances in thickness across large pieces. We try to minimise the impact of these and blend them into the piece itself but if you require a more uniform appearance, please consider one of our other wooden products.

The species available depend on supplier stock and will change over time. Where possible, we will identify the species used but given the source of the material, that is not always possible.

Pricing: $0.037 per cm
Thickness: 5mm
Maximum Size per Cut/Item: Varies, see below

Red Cedar










Spotted Gum